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Wellcome to our web sites! Those sites are about music actions, mainly in Prague, but sometimes in another towns in our Republick! We're sorry, but our sites are always under reconstruction, because we are always trying to make them deffinetly perfect!

you can see photos of our actions in the photos section. The photos of the concert in 23rd October - Černý Kůň and COTAM from JET club in Prague you can see here

Planning actions

27.3.2010 - Hou Hou Fest - Exit Chmelnice, Prague - Entering fee-100kč(4?) before on email music.managment@email.cz or on the place before the beginning, on the place of action: 17:00-19:00 for 120kč(5?), 19:00 to the end of action for 150kč(6,5?). to see the bands look down. Kapely: ????????????? Černý Kůň Afterspoon Cotam Zrní Unifiction

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